Save your energy during the week because when you begin your Pride adventure on Friday you’re not likely to finish before Sunday night! Use the muscles you worked on for months, not only to show off, but to literally survive the Pride party marathon and do more steps on your Moves app than those ancient Greek athletes once did.

Kick off your Friday night in the street parties - they are pretty basic but super fun! Don’t miss the one at the Homomonument, especially the Drag Olympics (Friday at 18:00) - it’s almost as fierce as the pride celebrations that follow. Just wear some wigs, high heels, bright makeup and make it really messy. The street party at Regulierstraat (Friday night and Saturday right after the Pride parade) is a must as well - come for a drink in a super-packed street where you will surely meet someone cute - everyone ends up here sometime during Pride.

And that was just your warm up! The real night starts around midnight with the best indoor parties. By now you might start thinking about getting some rest, but don’t let those thoughts get in the way of your actions (call me a witch, but I know what I’m saying). And trust me, you will not be disappointed! Here are my tips on how to have the best Amsterdam Pride experience.


On Friday night, as usual, the crowd from Regulierstraat will head towards Club Church to find the line is a few hours’ long. And that’s not even the best party. Instead, head to Amsterdam Noord for the best spots for Pride Friday. Just a short free ferry ride will take you to two of the best night parties:

Glowjob UV Light Party - Pride Edition

After the hugely successful first edition, this one will be even bigger, more glowing and will feature an amazing line up of international DJs and performers. Who doesn’t love to put some UV reflective paint on their face and bodies and dance the night away? Organisers even provide you with the paint, glowing accessories and have a team of makeup artists and stylists waiting to put their hands on you. All the hottest boys will head there and (I assume) will lose their t-shirts on the way to the venue.

Glowjob UV Light Party – Pride Edition // 3 August // 22:00-05:00


ADAM Toren sunset Amsterdam Dennis Bouman

If the above is too much for you for Friday night - head to A’DAM Loft for a new disco party for the queer and curious with an amazing view. The partygoers might not take off their upper garments, but they will surely dance the night away. As it begins pretty early, you might need to skip some street parties for this, which will be worth it.

Supernature // 3 August // 21:00-03:00


Saturday night is THE night. After the parade and street parties, the whole city will be rainbow striped and covered in glitter. Someone’s makeup might be off, someone might be sunburned, but nobody will stop. There are the two biggest parties not to be missed:

Funhouse XXL

Most of the guys (they say 8,000) will go to Funhouse XXL. It’s a huge and well-produced event in what’s probably the most stunning venue in town – the Gashouder at Westergasfabriek. You’ll find multiple rooms of house, circuit tribal house music. Make sure you check out the amazing lasers in the main room! Amsterdam Pride doesn’t have an official Pride party, but this is the closest thing to it.

Funhouse XXL // 4 August // 20:00-09:00

Is Burning

If you’re less mainstream, and let’s face it, more picky, this is your best choice. Is Burning has become the traditional Pride party (if you can call techno traditional). Yes - it’s all about darkness and techno. Expect hipsters, black clothes - not a lot of rainbows, but a truly great and very gay night.

Is Burning // 4 August // 23:00-07:00


When you get back to your hotel, Airbnb or your friend’s couch dreaming about a long sleep: stop! Think again - you don’t want an hour to go to waste. Take a beauty nap and get ready for the Sunday daytime parties:

Rosario XXL - Pride Edition

This is by far the best day party in town, right in the middle of Vondelpark. Entrance is free and everybody is there just to chill, have a drink and discuss their Pride conquests (think - a gay brunch without eating). Get there to see how that cute boy you kissed last night looks in bright daylight. As a new addition this year they promise a (small) swimming pool.

Rosario XXL – Pride Edition // 5 August // 14:00-21:00

Rapido - Pride Edition

If you can’t take the daylight - follow the circuit boys to the darkness for the internationally famous Rapido. Expect almost 2000 shirtless sweaty men dancing to tribal house music. The beautiful venue and the top-notch production: the lasers, set design and lights are the best things about it - certainly worth a look.

Rapido – Pride Edition // 5 August // 15:00-02:00

Amsterdam welcomes all the colours of the rainbow like no other city and has this huge array of entertainment ready for you! Book your tickets early, come and party with us - we want to see you there!

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