Read on to take in visions inspired by the boundlessness of outer space, be challenged by the internationally respected World Press Photo and learn about an array of portraits and archival material currently to be seen.

Note: These exhibitions are no longer running, but you can still visit some of these amazing museums (including Foam and Huis Marseille) for free with your City Card!

World Press Photo

World Press Photo John Moore

The annual World Press Photo Exhibition premieres in Amsterdam each April. Presenting the work of photojournalists from around the world, the World Press Photo Foundation ‘believes in the power of showing and the importance of seeing high-quality visual stories.’ The exhibition is always compelling, often touching, sometimes confounding but always educational. It’s a must-see show.

Image: Crying Girl on the Border, John Moore, United States, Getty Images.

Nieuwe Kerk // until 7 July 2019

Space Utopia

Space Utopia Vincent Fournier

The Ravestijn Gallery presents the work of inquisitive photographers who push the boundaries of the medium. Space Utopia, their latest exhibition, is no exception. Artist Vincent Fournier has spent a decade exploring the cosmos with his camera, resulting in a stunning series of images that highlight nostalgia while looking to the future. His research has taken him to space centres across the globe, including NASA at Houston and Cape Canaveral, the European Space Agency and Russia’s Roscosmos space centre.

Image: THE SPACE PROJECT - Space Shuttle Discovery Nose Landing Gear, J.F.K. Space Center [NASA], Florida, U.S.A., Vincent Fournier, 2011.

The Ravestijn Gallery // until 11 May 2019

Futures Past & Present

Bathers Julie Greve

Huis Marseille presents the work of four female photographers in Futures Past & Present. Céline van Balen, Julie Greve, Esther Kroon and Helga Paris are linked through their ability to engage with their sitters, capturing their essence in just a single shot. As the exhibition’s title suggests, the photographer’s careers span several generations, and so the exhibition showcases different eras and influences. It’s a beautiful show, and nice to see a woman-only perspective.

Image: Bathers, 2018 © Julie Greve.

Huis Marseille // until 9 June

A tale of hidden histories

A tale of hidden histories

Eye Filmmuseum challenges perceptions of truth, facts, memories and reality in this expansive exhibition featuring Broomberg & Chanarin, Omer Fast, Chia-Wei Hsu and Meiro Koizumi. Utilising film, video, slide projections, photographs and sound, the artists investigate and ‘unmask’ the past, placing subjectivity and the limitations of memory under the spotlight. There’s much to consider in this compelling exhibition.

Image: Broomberg & Chanarin, Dodo, 2014. Courtesy Lisson Gallery, London/New York.

Eye Filmmuseum // until 19 May 2019

I can make you feel good

Boys of Walthamstow Tyler Mitchell

Foam premieres American photographer Tyler Mitchell in I can make you feel good, an exhibition that visualises the idea of a black utopia. Tyler’s work is all about humanity, and he photographs the black community in gardens, parks or in front of idyllic studio backdrops where they appear as free, expressive, effortless, sensitive and proud. By creating this utopic vision, Mitchell’s work highlights the contrast with the way reality is represented. One of the most promising talents in photography today, in 2018 Mitchell became the first black photographer to shoot a cover for American Vogue in its 126-year history. That’s an achievement for any photographer, let along one who is still in his early 20s.

Image: Boys of Walthamstow, Tyler Mitchell.

Foam // until 5 June 2019

Everyone’s a photographer

Everyone a photographer

Around the end of the 19th century, developments in photography saw cameras decrease in size and become easier to use. This led to an increase in amateur photography in the Netherlands, which is the focus of the Rijksmuseum’s exhibition Everyone a photographer. As part of her PhD research, photography curator Mattie Boom studied hundreds of images, resulting in this rather wonderful exhibition featuring more than 130 images, photo albums and cameras along with other photography paraphernalia.

RIJKSMUSEUM // unitil 10 June

Fans of Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf may want to consider a day trip to The Hague, as the Gemeente Museum and the Den Haag Fotomuseum both host an expansive retrospective of this modern master’s work.

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