A Guy Called Gerald

A guy called Gerald - Amsterdam ADE

Ever consumed a take-away pizza slice in London? Chances are you got it from Voodoo Ray’s, a restaurant chain named after A Guy Called Gerald’s biggest hit from 1988, which is also the biggest-ever acid-house track to come out of the UK. But the eccentric dance floor classic is only one of the many facets of the DJ, who was also a member of Britain’s first (and best?) rave group, 808 State – with whom he produced the Top 10 hit ‘Pacific State’. Half a decade later, Simpson’s output sounded completely different once again; the freshness of his beats on the jungle-heavy album Black Secret Technology continue to blow people’s minds today. Catch his set on 19 October at VLLA, or at the Sugarfactory on 20 October.

Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff - Amsterdam ADE

Helena Hauff started her career in a tiny Hamburg-based squat-like club called Golden Pudel, which suggests her famous deep, dark and distorted beats don’t come out of nowhere. Hauff’s music has more in common with the analogue, so-called ‘West Coast sound of Holland’, than with the druggy, uplifting music many fellow Germans are known for. With releases on a wide array of labels, she is one of the most interesting names of the current techno scene. Expect dark and sinister (yet fun!) sets at the Warehouse Elementenstraat on 19 October.


Jackmaster Amsterdam ADE

Glasgow-born Jack Revill, better known as Jackmaster, started out as a graffiti-spraying party kid, until UK-based record store Rubadub offered him a job. When asked about his musical preferences, Jack just said ‘house’; Rubadub was where he really started developing his musical taste. With such a late start, it is remarkable he’s made it to number two on Resident Advisor’s list of Top 1000 DJs. The online blog also wild guesses that Jack is the one on the list enjoying his job the most. See for yourself at Thuishaven on 20 October, or at Mediahaven on 21 October.


Actress - Amsterdam ADE Admittedly, it is a bit of a hipster thing to suggest you’re female while you’re a bloke. But don’t dismiss the man for a bit of window-dressing: Darren J. Cunningham first entered the scene nearly ten years ago, and has since released a wonderful, otherworldly range of electronic music. From fast, Detroit-style techno (‘X22RME’) to vintage futuristic house (‘Always Human’) through washed out ambient-drone (‘R.I.P.’), Cunningham is good at everything he does.

Boaz van de Beatz

Boaz van de Beatz - Amsterdam ADE

Just as celebrities use ghost writers, pop and dance musicians have people hiding in the shadows secretly responsible for the catchiest hooks in the hits you know best. From his Hoofddorp studio, Boaz van de Beatz has produced for people like Sean Paul, Diplo & Major Lazer, Ariana Grande, Madonna and David Guetta. His DJ sets are banging, but not likely full of his own work – as he’s confessed to hiphop blog Ballinn: ‘Once I have released something, I cannot listen to it without hating it.’

Text: Christiaan de Wit for A-Mag Amsterdam Magazine September – October 2017