The company is renowned for their ingenious storylines, spectacular decors and light-hearted comedy.

This show takes audiences forward to a time when climate change has finally gotten the better of human kind.  Despite the impending doom, survivors try desperately to go on with their lives - resulting in a wide range of absurd scenes. The audience can only see what is happening on the water, but below the surface divers are working hard to get props in the right place at the right time.

The company had their own struggle while making this show when the artistic leader of the group, Arjen Anker, suddenly  died last year. The Austrian director, Tom Ryser, joined the company and directed ' Mare'.

I had the pleasure of talking to him about the show, the insane preparation for a big outdoor production and the experience of joining a company that has just been through a tragic loss.

For those who still want to see 'Mare', July tickets are almost sold out, but there are still tickets for September. But don't wait too long...