You walk into a party, paparazzi bulbs flashing. Angelina Jolie is trying to steal your limelight (as usual) but you make your grand entrance and, once your eyes have adjusted to the light, you spot Nicholas Cage waiting for you at the bar. But before you can say ‘vodka martini’, George Clooney waves you over from a table where he’s saved you a seat. Oh and there’s Robbie Williams. And Ryan Gosling with Eve Longoria. And here’s Kim Kardashian, taking selfies, again. So what if none of your new friends can actually move their facial muscles (that’s botox for you) – you work the room like a pro and come away with the photos to prove it. Most people would never get the opportunity to move in such circles, but there’s one place in Amsterdam you can come cheek to cheek with some of the most famous faces from the worlds of Hollywood, royalty, politics, sport, music, fashion and art – and all in one exhilarating morning.

Up close with your favourite celebs

Madame Tussauds is basically all your selfie dreams come true. With a focus on interactivity, visitors are encouraged to get up and get snaps with their favourite popstars, models, actors and world leaders. So not only will you have a great time, you’ll also come away with enough Instagram material to last a year. We started our tour by sharing a podium with Angela Merkel before moving on to meet global dignitaries and Dutch royalty. We were then thrusted into the glamourous Hollywood party described above, and posed in seminal scenes from famous films like ET (bike included), James Bond, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. We even starred in our own Charlie Chaplin movie alongside the great man himself. More rooms took us through the world of sport – where we join David Beckham on the physio bench – and a nightclub in which we got behind the decks with top DJs  Tiesto and Armin van Buuren (no requests).

Interactive exhibitions

A major recent exhibition is in the fashion section, where you can strut your stuff on the catwalk (and get a video afterwards), take your front row seat at fashion week next to Anna Wintour or pose for a magazine cover with  a very glamorous Kate Moss. Music fans have the opportunity to get up close and personal with pop stars like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Bob Marley. You can even get into the recording booth and sing a track with Adele!

Step inside famous art

One of our favourite parts of the attraction was the I am Art exhibition, in which visitors can become immersed in famous paintings. We loved the chance to stand side by side with artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Salvador Dali and get into the frame (literally) with the Mona Lisa.  Other elements of the exhibition allow you to take a seat in Picasso’s studio, or walk through an LED lit Mondrian composition - truly a new and unique way to experience famous works of art. Van Gogh Tussauds Amsterdam

Marvel at superheroes

Another exciting and interactive new section of the attraction allows visitors to become lost in the world of Marvel comic books, where Iron Man, Loki, The Hulk and Thor are just some of the life-size superheroes waiting to save – or destroy – you. We surprised ourselves with our own strength when lifting a New York taxi from under the rubble (that earlier sports training with David Beckham must have helped) and picking up Thor’s hammer - before posing for a selfie with the superhero himself. By the end of your trip you’ll be on first name terms with some of the most famous figures in the world, have starred in several movies, sang with pop stars, explored the world of art and strutted through the world of high fashion. So clear some space in your camera memory, practice your best selfie face and get ready to mingle. Madame Tussauds Amsterdam, Dam 20, Amsterdam

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