There’s no denying it: life during a pandemic is tough. Between lockdowns and stocking up on hand sanitiser, we could all use an escape from the everyday, so head to the movies or watch some flicks at home. During the days ahead, there are film festivals, special screenings and other cinematic events that will put a smile on your (masked) face.

And please remember that due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, things can change quickly, so always check online for the latest updates before heading out.

Fun, fascinating and free

Eye Filmmuseum old Amsterdam

Banish boredom by exploring the free offerings from the Eye Filmmuseum online. To help everyone make it through quarantine with their sanity intact, the renowned institution is providing all sorts of things you can watch from your sofa. Check out old black and white movies, compilations of footage from Amsterdam’s past and other gems from its extensive collection.

Eye Filmmuseum

Dystopia if you dare

Are happy, upbeat movies leaving you unsatisfied? Sometimes, you have to face the darkness head on, so go to Studio K for Dystopian Cinema. Through four specially chosen movies – Seconds, Children of Men, Robocop and THX 1138 – you can explore bleak visions of the future and question everything from the power of emotions to the brutality of law enforcement.

Studio K // Through 30 December

All work and no play 

The Shining sisters

Get scared silly at a screening of the 40th anniversary edition of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining at Amsterdam’s oldest theatre, De Uitkijk. A terrifying journey into madness, this horror classic features riveting performances from Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall as they chase each other around the Overlook Hotel and encounter the occasional ghost. This updated edition includes 20 minutes of extra material in addition to terrifying tricycle rides and demonic elevators.

De Uitkijk // 11 December

Kuato lives

Total Recall two weeks

Total Recall is back in high definition to celebrate its 30th anniversary at Eye Filmmuseum. A little campy and a lot of fun, this sci-fi classic stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a man running from unknown forces who’ve implanted false memories in his mind. Filled with mutants and mayhem, it also features plenty of subtext and social commentary courtesy of Dutch director Paul Verhoeven.

Eye Filmmuseum //  11 and 16 December

The original blonde bombshell

Marilyn Monroe

LAB111 is celebrating cinematic icons with a series of matinees and the next instalment focuses on Marilyn Monroe, perhaps the greatest one of all. Escape to a different era with a few of her most famous films, including Some like it Hot, Gentleman Prefer Blondes and The Seven Year Itch. Though it might be cold outside, you’ll warm up the moment she appears on screen.

LAB111 //  Through 16 December 

Meet the proto-hipsters

Ghost World

Another blast from the past is coming to De Uitkijk! Early 2000s cult favourite Ghost World stars Thora Birch and a very young Scarlett Johansson as a couple of recent high school grads. With no real plan for the future, they respond to a personal ad in a local newspaper that changes their lives – and friendship – forever. Dark, funny and ahead of its time, it’s one of the best comic-to-film adaptations. 

De Uitkijk // 5 January

I am woman

The Glorias

Get to know a feminist icon with a screening of The Glorias at Pathé City. The latest picture from acclaimed director Julie Taymor, it explores the life of Gloria Steinem, who has passionately fought for women’s rights for decades. Julianne Moore, Janelle Monáe and Alicia Vikander star, so prepare to be inspired and empowered.

Pathé City // Through 16 December

Wonder Woman Returns

Wonder Woman 1984

Princess Diana is back in Wonder Woman 1984, starring the lovely (and fierce) Gal Gadot. Taking place during the Cold War, this hotly anticipated sequel will see the beloved superheroine battle against the forces of darkness once again. Expect more killer fight scenes, baddies galore and loads of excitement from director Patty Jenkins. 

The Movies // From 16 December