Amsterdam Noord has become one of the city’s most interesting areas, making it the ideal neighbourhood to host a 24H event. This edition of 24h Noord, taking place on 13 April 2019, features a spectacular line-up of events, workshops, theatre, performances and more.

Unleash your arty side at 24H Noord

Amsterdam Noord has become a hub of creativity and design, so it’s little wonder that there are lots of arty things to do at 24H Noord. Glowga is an art festival that will transport you to another galaxy far, far away. Think glow-in-the-dark yoga, live art, fluorescent gin and tonics and a ‘Space Jam’ afterparty, all taking place at ClinkNOORD. Halte Zamenhofstraat, a studio complex that’s home to artists, photographers and designers, will also exhibit new art and host workshops and a kimono show.

Let the games begin

If you like playing games, then you’ll love 24H Noord. Why? Because there’s plenty of events perfect for big kids. Sir Adam and The Butcher Social Club are hosting cocktail workshops and an all-day gaming session featuring Super Mario Kart on a big screen (as well as retro classics like Pac-Man) at the hotel. Elsewhere more fun can be had at De Ceuvel, where a massive game of Twister will take place, no doubt completely seriously. And people are also being encouraged to bring their own board games along for the day. Sport more your thing? Head to Monk, where you can try Bouldering, a dynamic and social activity that challenges people to scale up boulders (naturally) without using climbing aids.

Sustainability in focus

If you didn’t know already, seaweed is the food of the future. Yes, really, as it’s sustainable and full of protein, so fulfils everything a growing population needs to survive. To test your knowledge of this wonderful weed, why not head to GeWoonboot and take part in a quiz all about it. You’ll also get to try some surprising and delicious seaweed snacks. There’s also the chance to take a boat trip and tour the Schoonschip, a new floating residential development that is all about sustainable living. Check the 24H Noord programme for more sustainable options.

Make that body move with these dance events

Cannibale Royale Du Nord is usually known for its burgers, but for 24H Noord they’re going to be all about salsa, offering dancing workshops as well as the opportunity to make your very own salsa sauce. Dansmakers Amsterdam and DAT!school will be presenting dance performances and films as well as offering a behind-the-scenes tour. Want to get fit and have fun at the same time? Why not try out pole dancing at Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam, or if you’re looking for something less strenuous then Klaproos is serving up pizzas and karaoke. Sing your heart out!

There’s no shortage of things to see and do at 24H Noord, and an array of great places to eat and drink while you’re in the neighbourhood.