Maatschappij voor den Werkenden Stand (Society for the Working Classes)

The Derde Ambachtsschool (guild school) was initiated by the Maatschappij voor den Werkenden Stand. This organisation was created by a number of foremen in 1853 in order to improve the position of labourers. One of its most important activities was to create guild schools where children could learn a profession. The children received lessons in carpentry, painting, bricklaying, electrical engineering and engine driving.


The Derde Technische School (third technical school), 1972

New residents

In 2006 and 2007 the school underwent dramatic renovations by its new users. The building now houses a StayOkay hostel, the Studio K cultural centre with a cinema, theatre, café and restaurant, and the international educational organisation, the IIRE’s conference spaces. Apart from these, Ymere rents 36 office spaces to young entrepreneurs. The building was officially opened on 2 September 2007.


Detail of the tower


During the building work, a mural by the abstract expressionist artist Aart Roos (1919-2009) came to light in the auditorium. The wall should have been removed to allow the building of the cinema for Studio K. But the Aart Roos Foundation lobbied to preserve it and the developer Ymere agreed with it. Aart Roos was there when the building was opened and the restored piece of art was delivered. The mural, ‘Birds and flowers’, can be viewed by appointment.


Detail on the façade - masonry tools