Kindred spirits

Just as did his kindred spirit Berlage, Van der Pek strove for simplicity and efficiency. He wanted to give simple people from Amsterdam decent housing. This concept was the basis of a design for a new housing complex for workers in the Jordaan and Van der Pek neighbourhoods. Both the main street and the adjoining square in this area are named after the architect. This was in 1919, the year that he died. He was 54 years old and had never seen ‘his’ neighbourhood.


Van der Pekstraat, 1920

Soapstone layer

Striking here are the yellow soapstone layers in the façade. During the Second World War the area was badly hit by allied bombs intended for the nearby Fokker airplane factory. After the war the destroyed houses were rebuilt, but without the characteristic yellow decorative stripe.


Street with wheelbarrow, 1948

De Volewijckers

In the 1920s, the fields of the Amsterdam-North football club, De Volewijckers, adjoined the Van der Pek (neighbourhood) at the Mosveld (field). They were the pride of North: in 1944 they were club champion of the Netherlands. In 1961, De Volewijckers advanced to the first division, after a heroic match against Elinkwijk in Utrecht. But within two years the club was in decline. The football pitches disappeared in 1964 as they had to make room for the IJ tunnel. De Volewijckers still play in Sportpark de Buiksloterbanne, but now as an amateur club.


Aerial photo, facing the South