Long build-up

As early as 1886 it was decided that a new town hall would be built. Due to discussion regarding the location, the construction itself was postponed until 1889. Ultimately for reasons of opposition to the planned expansion of Amsterdam’s territory this site on the border between both communities was selected.


The old town hall of Nieuwer-Amstel, 2005.

The architect

It was decided not to hold a competition but to appoint the Inspector of Public Works R. Kuipers straight away. A few years later, Kuipers went on to become a municipal councillor in Amsterdam. Kuipers came from a family of architects – his father and two brothers were also in the profession.


The towers of the old town hall of Nieuwer-Amstel, 1980.

Lavish appearance

In order to reduce costs, the original design was simplified. Nevertheless the former town hall has a lavish appearance. In addition to the inexpensive and easily obtainable brick, an abundance of natural stone in alternating layers and woodcarving has been incorporated. The woodcarving was produced by Bart van Hove (1850-1914).


Detail of arch on façade of the old town hall, 1985.

Town hall becomes archive

From 1912 to 2007, Amsterdam’s municipal archive was housed in the building. Over time various extensions were added to the rear side for storage, including a storehouse from 1914. In addition, part of the building of former diamond company Asscher on Tolstraat was used by the municipal archive for several years.