Sustainable visitor economy

The coronavirus crisis has had a significant impact on the Netherlands, with Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) hit particularly hard by the lockdown. This crisis is, unfortunately, still with us and has shown how dependent the city has become on a one-sided visitor economy. The question that has to be answered now is: what does the future of Amsterdam look like?

About a sustainable visitor economy

Visitors are an inherent part of Amsterdam's international character. Unfortunately, recent years have also highlighted issues in certain places, and quality of life has been affected in certain areas. We want to avoid going back to this situation after the crisis. Instead, we want to return to a healthy visitor economy that enriches the city and its residents as soon as possible.

The Municipal Executive of the City of Amsterdam has requested us, as a unifying party in the MRA, to advise on the future of the visitor economy.

This advice was drawn up in two months in collaboration with more than a hundred stakeholders, consisting of experts, partners, residents' organizations, entrepreneurs and business, and cultural institutions from all over the city. By bringing together all these parties, we were able to paint a joint picture of a sustainable visitor economy.

We are proud that this advice is by the city for the city, and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this.

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