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Roel Sprangers

Roel Sprangers has a Bachelor’s in International Tourism Management and Consultancy and a Master of Science in Contemporary Asian Studies. Since starting his career at amsterdam&partners in 2015, he has been involved in a variety of campaigns and initiatives.

Title: Senior account manager
Education: Tourism management and Asian studies

About Roel Sprangers

Roel's previous experience as an entrepreneur and consultant in Holland and China allows him to understand how commercial business interests and the perspectives of governments and residents influence city marketing. He is responsible for partnerships with hotels, convention centres, retailers, attractions and entrepreneurs’ associations and connects them with the campaigns and initiatives of amsterdam&partners. Recently, he has focused on the challenges surrounding the growing tension between locals and tourism businesses as well as dealing with sharing platforms like Airbnb.

Topics and Expertise

  • Key principles of city and destination marketing: from strategy to execution
  • Stakeholder challenges: dealing with overtourism vs business interests
  • Amsterdam: pains and gains of a growing city
  • Amsterdam: a meeting and conventions destination
  • Amsterdam in facts and figures: data driven city marketing
  • Nuisance due to overcrowding: an integrated approach
  • The power of magnitude: from city to metropole
  • Digital trends and developments: how to integrate digital solutions into your strategy
  • I amsterdam, the brand of Amsterdam: brand values and visuals


The fee for speaking at an event in the Netherlands is approximately €2,475* (preparation 4h + speaker's fee + half a day of travel)
The rate for speaking at an event abroad is approximately €3,712.50* (preparation 4h + speakers' fee + travel day (+ 50% foreign surcharge on full amount)
Daily speaking fee: €1,320
Daily travel fee: €800

*Travel and accommodation expenses must be covered by the organising party.