The digital world (1 day)

amsterdam&partners’ digital specialists Fieke Flier and Daniëlle Meester will share their vast knowledge of online marketing and social media.

Layout of your online channels

Fieke Flier specialises in connecting online channels that seamlessly match your brand’s communication strategy. She will share her knowledge of navigating the ever-changing possibilities, remaining visible and ensuring that your customers can find what they’re looking for when they are looking for it in order to maximise online sales.

Social media strategy

Danielle Meester shares her wealth of knowledge of implementing an effective social media strategy. Find out how to create engagement, increase your followers and determine what type of content your customers will respond to. The workshop provides expert tips on making a social media campaign measurable, analysing statistics and the role of influencers. Based on the social media strategy used by amsterdam&partners, our experts will give you concrete do’s and don’ts, various ‘best practices’. Your group will take part in interactive discussions which will leave you with a clear understanding of how to tailor your social media strategy to achieve your company’s goals.