We use the following types of cookies:

  • Functional cookies: cookies that are essential for the proper functioning of the website
  • Analytics: cookies used to measure usage of the website
  • Social media: cookies that enable content sharing on social media

What are cookies?

There are various useful ways of improving the experience of website users and making a site as interesting as possible for each user. The most commonly known example are cookies and scripts (hereafter jointly referred to as cookies). Cookies may be used by website administrators or by third parties that communicate through the website you visit.

It’s safe to use cookies. No personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses can be derived from a cookie; cookies can thus not be used for promotional emails or telemarketing.

Functional cookies

Cookies that are essential for the proper functioning of the website

amsterdam&partners websites use functional cookies that ensure the websites function properly. Uses include:

  • storing information you enter into forms, so that you don’t have to enter information repeatedly
  • communicating information between one page and the following page, for example if you answer questions in a longer survey or if you need to enter a lot of information for an online order
  • saving preferences, such as language, location or the preferred number of search results displayed on one page
  • saving video settings, such as buffer size or screen resolution
  • accessing browser settings to ensure the website is displayed properly
  • preventing web traffic overload
  • enabling users to react to content

These cookies cannot be disabled.

Web statistics

Cookies used to measure usage of the website

To identify the most popular pages of the site, we use Google Analytics. We also use Hotjar to measure the behaviour of user groups in order to improve the site.

Advertising cookies

amsterdam&partners is only partly funded by the municipality and is therefore dependent on income from advertising to finance its activities. To enable displaying external ads on the site, we place advertising cookies.

Social media cookies

Cookies that enable content sharing on social media

The articles and listings on our website can be shared on selected social media through buttons. In order for these buttons to work properly, social media cookies by the third parties need to be placed so that they can recognise the user who wants to share something (if they are logged into their social media account).

Blocking cookies

If you don’t want cookies to be placed on your computer, you can change your browser settings so you get a warning message each time a site attempts to place cookies. You can also set your browser to block cookies (either all or only third-party cookies). And you can delete cookies that have already been placed. Note that you need to change these settings for each browser and device you use separately.

Do note that if you block cookies, we can’t guarantee that our website functions properly on your computer. Various features might be lost, or you might not be able to view particular pages at all. Blocking cookies also does not mean that you won’t see ads anymore – it only means that the ads you see are not tailored to your interests or location and are repeated more frequently.

How to change your cookie settings depends on the browser. Check the help menu of your browser or click on one of the icons below to go directly to the manual of your browser.

Final remarks

From time to time, we will need to make changes to this statement, for example because our website changes or the regulations regarding cookies do. We reserve the right to change the statement and the cookie types mentioned in it at all times and without prior warning. We recommend checking this page regularly for the latest version of the statement to decide whether you would like to reconsider your agreement.