The history of a world monument

It’s not only the proud residents of Amsterdam who believe their Canal Ring is unique. The fame of the city's 17th-century canals has stretched far beyond Dutch borders through its 400 years of rich history. That’s why the summer of 2010 justifiably saw Amsterdam’s Canal Ring accorded a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. This was an international recognition of the very unique nature of this part of the historic inner city. It represents a confirmation of what everyone already knew: the Canal Ring is a monument of global stature with impressive tales to tell.

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Water management

Amsterdam’s canals are considered sights of interest with justification, both from their banks or from the water. Complex water management is hidden b...

A unique outlook

Construction of the Canal Ring made Amsterdam’s street plan unique, because in contrast to most canal cities, the canal pattern was not right-angled. ...

Global warehouse

After 1585, Amsterdam grew to become a powerful and rich city of international significance. Over a period of a hundred years Amsterdam was the world’...

Early beginnings

Despite the highly uninviting marshland, the first arrivals set up home in what was to become Amsterdam around the year 1000.