Nature and culture in the heart of Amsterdam

Strolling along the quiet boulevard-esque streets of De Plantage is a real pleasure as it’s a unique district where the city and nature consistently cross each other’s paths. As well as the Artis Royal Zoo, the Hortus Botanical Gardens and the small but beautiful Wertheimpark, the Plantage also encompasses the former Jewish Quarter, which bears testimony to the horrors of the Second World War. Those who want to learn about Jewish wartime in Amsterdam can do so at the Jewish Historical Museum and the Dutch Resistance Museum.

Amsterdam east Artis, Edwin van Eis

These days, culture reigns supreme here, and you’ll find 18 cultural centres of excellence within a stone’s throw of each other. From the most beautiful theatres such as Royal Theatre Carré and the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, to great museums such as the Rembrandt House Museum and the Micropia (museum of micro-organisms), where you will discover how many microbes are exchanged during a French kiss.

Did you know? Waterlooplein (with its famous daily flea market) is named after the Battle of Waterloo, as a tribute to the fallen heroes who defeated Napoleon there in 1815. For more activities and events in this beautiful neighbourhood, visit the De Plantage website.