Explore one of the leading maritime collections in the world at the Scheepvaartmuseum

Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam Eddo Hartmann 

If you’re even remotely interested in ships or maritime history, then the Scheepvaartmuseum is an absolute must-see. It houses one of the world’s leading maritime collections, and the definitive collection on Dutch maritime history. There’s a lot to do here, for both adults and kids; the recently renovated museum’s three wings house stunning displays of ship decorations and navigational instruments, as well as maps, books, models, games and plenty of interactive, audio-visual presentations. It’s difficult to pick favourites, but the 1:1 scale, explorable replica of the East Indiaman Amsterdam may be the crowning experience; it is certainly one of the most unique.

Tour a brewery, and sample a selection of great beers at the Brouwerij ‘t IJ


Tour a brewery, and sample a selection of great beers at the Brouwerij ‘t IJ A bathhouse and one of the city’s largest wooden windmills may not seem like a likely place for a brewery, but that’s exactly what musician Kasper Peterson turned this place into in 1985. The immensely popular Brouwerij ‘t IJ now produces more than half a dozen house beers, three seasonal beers and the occasional, always interesting experimental brew. They have very affordable, English-language tours for individuals and small groups that include a run of the brewery and a free beer. The tour is best followed up with sampling some (or all) their house beers at the attached pub. And if you’re a fan of windmills, the beautiful wooden one next door is a must-see.

Get your recommended daily dose of literature, art, comedy and culture

 Pakhuis de Zwijger Jorinde Tenten

Oostelijke Eilanden is also home to some of the most interesting cultural hubs in the city. The Pakhuis de Zwijger is a buzzing building with an extensive schedule of design sessions, presentations, movie screenings, thinktanks and talk shows, all actively contributing to societal issues in the city. Similarly, at Mezrab, you can expect a programme full of music, comedy, literature, storytelling and various stage performances – not to mention short courses in acting and storytelling. And if you’re looking for a place to stay in the area, the 1-to-5-star Lloyd Hotel (a hotel that caters to all budgets) has an ongoing schedule of exhibitions, talks and events, and some good food to boot.

Take a stroll through modern architecture and award-winning bridges


While Amsterdam might be famous for its colourful canal houses, the city’s modern architecture also receives significant acclaim, even if it isn’t as prominent. Oostelijke Eilanden is a great place to glimpse examples of this. The Python Bridge for instance is a beautiful, twisted and award-winning pedestrian bridge that you should visit, situated in the equally quirky Zeeburg neighbourhood. And if you’re a fan of bridges there are a few more you should visit in the area. This includes a set of nine wrought-iron, artist-designed bridges scattered across Java-eiland that are beautiful to look at, and make for great photo-ops. The entire area is full of modern housing and building complexes though, so it’s worthwhile to take a leisurely stroll.

Spend the day eating, drinking and dancing at the coolest city beach in east Amsterdam


The concept of a city beach might be unfamiliar to some, and if you haven’t been to one then a visit to Roest will be definitive. The idea is to go to the beach without leaving the city, and Roest wraps that idea with industrial spaces, good food and a great exhibitions and events schedule. The place has a great vibe, one that is casual and underground, but is a little bit difficult to find so keep your eye on your maps app, or keep a lookout for a London bus. Yes, they have a bus parked outside, and no you can't drive it.

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