Explore a 17th-century estate

Park Frankendael Amsterdam Edwin van EisAmsterdam's only surviving 17-century country estate transports you back to an era of Golden Age grandeur. Wander through Huize Frankendael's sprawling gardens, filled with manicured hedges, sculptures and water features. The stately home hosts exhibitions and special events throughout the year, and Restaurant Merkelbach, located in the former coach house, is an ideal spot for lunch. 

Eat, pay or haggle in a street market

Dappermarkt Amsterdam Marie Charlotte Peze

If you’re a fan of street markets, you’re in the right city (and a great neighbourhood). The Dappermarkt on Dapperstraat is a great place to pick up everything from fresh produce to beautiful fabric. You’ll also often find good fish or cheese, and the occasional sushi wrap. As with all street markets, the goods on offer and crowd-sizes vary greatly from day to day; best way to find out is to head there.

Check out a festival at Oosterpark

Edwin van Eis Keti Koti festival Amsterdam 

Oosterpark is home to a busy schedule of events, and some great festivals. The Keti Koti (Surinamese for broken chains) festival celebrates the abolition of slavery with a busy, colourful festival complete with performers and a parade. The Amsterdam Roots Festival is filled with song, dance, acrobatics and kid’s activities. Expect to find some fantastic food and shopping stalls throughout both. And there’s a lot more throughout the year, so keep an eye on the park’s Facebook page for the latest.

Discover the up-and-coming food scene


Oost is a beautifully diverse neighbourhood, and a trip there wouldn’t be complete without a meal at one of the many local favourites. If you fancy some  seafood instead, the Scandinavian-inspired Fyrre will satisfy that craving entirely. The green Bar Botanique on Swindenstraat is here for you if you’re in a French-Mediterranean mood. Finally, for a South American take on bar food, the beautiful Bar Louie Louie is the easy choice in the neighbourhood.

Catch an art-house film, or ten

Films large and small find their way onto the Studio/K schedule, a homey arthouse cinema, café and club on Timorplein. Some 50 dedicated students painstakingly put the schedules together, so expect the best in classics and new releases whenever you visit. If you’re in the city in August, you’ll not want to miss one of the indoor or open-air shows from the World Cinema Amsterdam Festival  either. Festival screenings will be held at different times and across the city, so the website is your best bet for staying current.

Explore more of Oost, or check out some other Amsterdam neighbourhoods!