An Amsterdam market with more going on

The Nieuwmarkt (new market) itself is a square in Amsterdam’s Chinatown, next to the Red Light District. The area was once an open canal, but the waterways were filled in in 1614 to create the marketplace which gives the square its name. A daily market is still held here, and the square is also home to an organic market every Saturday. Many lively cafés, bars, restaurants and interesting shops surround the square, making it the perfect place to spend a few hours browsing and people-watching.

Chinatown Amsterdam

One of the first things that might strike you in Amsterdam’s Chinatown is the bilingual street signs. The first Chinese settlers in Amsterdam used to load and stoke the coals on the large passenger ships, which is why a prominent Chinatown sprung up near the old harbour. Once this industry vanished, the Chinese opened up shops and restaurants here. Today you'll find the city's best Chinese restaurants and shops right in the heart of Amsterdam’s old centre. And of course, it’s the place to celebrate Chinese New Year in Amsterdam. Over the years, this district has also embraced other far-Eastern cultures, so in addition to the Chinese influences, keep your eyes open for shops and restaurants featuring Thai, Japanese, Indonesian and even Tibetan delicacies.