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  • International AIDS conference comes to Amsterdam in 2018

    In 2018, the Netherlands will organise the biennial international AIDS conference, AIDS2018. Being invited to host this major conference is a sign of recognition for the role played by the Netherlands in the international fight against AIDS. The conference will take place in Amsterdam RAI in July 2018 and is expected to attract approximately 20,000 visitors.

  • Amsterdam outlines new sustainability measures

    The Amsterdam College of Mayor and Alderpersons has outlined new plans to increase the pace of improving sustainability in the Dutch capital. As part of the new motion, the number of households using locally-generated sustainable electricity needs to have increased by at least 92,000 by 2020. Concrete plans have been drawn up for energy saving efforts and accelerating the process of connecting existing houses to district heating systems.

  • Life-threatening drugs in circulation

    In recent weeks, there have been three drug-related fatalities in Amsterdam, while at least 14 other people have become seriously unwell after using heroin that they believed to be cocaine which they had bought on the street. Due to the use of such extremely dangerous hard drugs, the victims suffered respiratory distress.

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