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  • Electric transport in Amsterdam continues to increase

    Electric cars have covered a distance of more than 20 million clean, electric kilometres in a five-year period of building Amsterdam’s network of electric charging points. The network is increased by 25 charging points each month and in 2014 the number of kilometres driven with electric vehicles almost doubled in comparison to 2013.

  • Three tourists unwell after using so-called ‘white heroin’

    City of Amsterdam to start new campaign to warn potential users.

  • 2014: Record number of international companies establish offices in Amsterdam

    In 2014, 139 new international companies established offices in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. These companies brought a total of 1,308 jobs to the region and indicated that this would increase to 2,359 jobs within three years. In addition, international companies that had already established a presence in the region reported creating an additional 1,611 jobs in 2014.

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