Een unieke formule

For the 6th consecutive year, The Amsterdam Trail will take place from the 5th-7th of May. The Trail, a truly unique concept,  is a walking route through Amsterdam's much loved Spiegel Quarter, Amstelveld and the Jordaan and combines tribal and contemporary art. During the Amsterdam Trail unexpected combinations through time and origin can be found: objects from 3000 BC to present, from Egyptian mummies to the latest contemporary videos.


Elke dag van 14.00 – 16.00 kosten € 20,- p.p. (min 10 deelnemers), aanmelden via Cultureel organisatiebureau ARTTRA | 020-6259303 | [email protected]

Deelnemers voor 2017 zijn: Borzo Gallery | Jaap Wagemaker | Dick Meijer-Antiquiteiten| Jac Bisschops Ethnographic art books | Wieki Somers | Flatland Gallery | Guy Yanai | Frans Faber-Tribal Arts| Remy Jungerman Galerie Lemaire | Jan Hoek | Noon Passama | Galerie Ron Mandos | Katinka Lampe | Kunsthandel P. de Boer | Andy Storchenegger | Jacky Simons | Lumen Travo Gallery | Monali Meher | Atousa Bandeh | Michel Thieme | Femmy Otten | Polak works of art| Ido Vunderink | Stigter Van Doesburg | Aukje Koks | The Merchant House | Pino Pinelli | Tribal Design | Jasper de Beijer | Upstream Gallery | Izaak Zwartjes

Bezoek voor meer informatie de website van The Amsterdam Trail.