The passionate youngsters from TAKE NO PRISONERS broke onto the scene in 2016 without holding back, with their outspoken views on social matters and with personal stories to confront you with every-day struggles while maintaining a positive attitude. Besides the rather heavy themes passing by in their music, TNP is a raw unpredictable beast when it comes to their sound. The Amsterdam-based outfit could best be described as Melodic Hardcore and Post-Hardcore in mainlines, with clear influences of Screamo and even shades of Youth Crew Hardcore that can easily be found. Whatever you want them to be labeled as, the band breathes an intense energy, seeks direct contact with everyone in the room and is very honest and open about what's on their mind, which often makes their sets an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Dock 83 is a Hardcore/Metalcore band from Utrecht, Netherlands. Having been around as a constant factor in the Dutch Hardcore scene since 2013, these guys have earned their stripes, releasing three EP's and having recently released their first full-length album "Ceylon". Passionate, dedicated and with huge potential, Dock 83 is one of Holland's best Hardcore bands at the moment and one of the most talented for sure, of which playing a show with Stray From The Path is only another testament.

Subvert are a Leiden-based Melodic Hardcore band, formed in 2013 and after a long hiatus reformed in 2015.  For those who like Being As An Ocean, Counterparts, Defeater and other melodic hardcore bands. Their vibe is like closing your eyes and finding yourself standing on an empty shoreline with the waves nearly grabbing you; Power, rawness and emotions in waves. Fans of Melodic Hardcore and Post-Hardcore will really be satisfied with these lads who are absolutely skyrocketing.