Opera in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to the Dutch National Opera, who are based at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet (formerly known as Het Muziektheater). As you can tell from the name, this large theatre, which is adjoined to Amsterdam City Hall, hosts large-scale opera and ballet productions. When it comes to opera, not only are you guaranteed top vocal stars, but big-name international directors and stage productions that will dazzle your senses – be it Wagner or Mozart or something altogether more modern.

Vocal concerts & touring productions

Many operatic vocal concerts also take place in the Royal Concertgebouw, where some of the world's major sopranos, mezzo-sopranos and baritones will drop in to perform alongside the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and other orchestral titans. Across the Amstel, the Royal Theatre Carré is another beautiful spot to catch touring operas – but be quick, as they typically only stay for one or two nights. And if that isn't enough, check the schedules of smaller theatres such as De Meervaart, where you can find some brilliant touring productions in a very intimate setting. There are also regular operatic sessions in Amsterdam's churches, such as the Opera per Tutti sessions in the Vondelkerk.

Opera and classical music festivals

Naturally, opera plays a big role in major festivals like the Grachtenfestival and Holland Festival – sometimes even outdoors in the park or around the Amsterdam canals. The Holland Festival especially provides the Dutch National Opera the opportunity to put on bold productions that will go on to make a name internationally. And you needn't be an absolute opera buff to join in the fun, because the last week of the Holland Festival traditionally sees one of these opera performances beamed into Oosterpark – just grab a picnic and you're ready to enjoy some epic music.

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