Arena-filling metal in Amsterdam

Avenged Sevenfold are undeniably one of the biggest modern metal bands on the planet. After some troubles at the start of the decade, the band have really hit their stride over the last six years, with 2010's 'Nightmare' and 2013's 'Hail to the King' both reaching number one on the Billboard 200 and high-profile charts across the globe. The band’s concerts are always a spectacle, notorious for their explosive pyrotechnics, bombastic stage pieces and the strong stage presence of the band's members.

New drummer, new material

With the addition of a new album and a new drummer – Bad Religion alumnus Brooks Wackerman – this tour is set to be one of the band's most explosive yet. 2016’s surprise album, ‘The Stage’, showcases Brooks’ sublime technical ability and innovation.

The band's latest album melds prog-rock influences, Metallica-esque guitar riffs and duelling guitars that are reminiscent of thrash metal. The album is so much more than that though; it’s a concept album about the world, where it’s headed and how humanity has failed it throughout the ages. It’s Avenged’s most ambitious album yet, and hearing the band pour their hearts and souls into these salient issues is a match made in heaven for any metal fan.

Killer support acts

That's not all though: supporting Avenged Sevenfold are Grammy Award-winning metal band Disturbed and Chicagoan alternative rockers Chevelle – two acts that could easily headline their own tours.

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