Electronic musician Dauwd’s distinctive compositions are filled with a complex array of layers. Using driving percussion and synthesisers with various timbres, he is able to create a warm and danceable sound. Tonight Dauwd will be teaming up with the Alma Quartet, consisting of members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and known for previous collaborations with Henrik Schwarz and Hauschka amongst others. The unique partnership will be exploring the boundaries between electronic and classical music, creating a powerful fusion in the process.

New series of concerts followed by after-hour sessions

This concert will be the kick-off to an exciting new series organised by Entrée and The Concertgebouw, where musicians will travel through the still fairly uncharted grey area in between electronic and classical music. After what is proving to be a hypnotising performance you’ll be able to dance at the after-hour session with DJ Max Abysmal, in association with 22tracks.

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