Open up your imagination in Amsterdam

Over the years, the Imagine Film Festival has evolved and matured into what it is today: an international film festival screening an all-encompassing selection of imaginative films. While the festival still screens the very best international horror releases, it has broadened its taste to include fantasy, cult, animé and science fiction.

Beyond film

Imagine isn’t only about watching movies. In addition to more than 50 features and 40 short films, both domestic and international directors are invited to discuss their work in symposiums, you can take in a lecture, or, for hardcore horror fans, there’s the annual Night of Terror at Amsterdam’s Pathé Tuschinski.

Building Dreams and Nightmares

The festival's theme in 2016 is 'Building Dreams and Nightmares', exploring the role of architecture and design in the world of sci-fi and fantasy films. Look out for masterclasses, an architecture symposium, an exhibition and a special film concert that sees Dutch band Monomyth soundtracking the 1920 movie 'Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari' (18 April).

Head to the Imagine Film Festival website for more information, screening times and tickets. Check out more film festivals in Amsterdam.