Ice sculptures in Amsterdam

The annual Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival takes place in Amsterdam for the first time in 2016, with this year’s theme being ‘Music Inspires’. Forty-two leading international ice artists will transform 550,000 kilograms of ice and snow into a breathtaking frozen landscape with a subzero temperature of -10°C, creating magical worlds and spectacular music-themed sculptures up to six-metres high. Expect to see everyone from Mozart to Prince represented in ice, along with giant musical instruments.

Family winter fun

Alongside the ice-sculpture festival, guests can also enjoy a pop-up music museum in the Event Plaza at Arena Boulevard, with winter beverages, food, fairground attractions and family activities.

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Caution: Thursday, February 23, we are closed due to the expected storm. We choose safety first. Tickets remain valid until Sunday, March 5, 2017. Sorry for the inconvenience.