Life in wartime Amsterdam

The Dutch Resistance Museum Junior presents the stories or four Dutch children living in that period – one boy who initially thinks "war is cool", a Jewish girl fearing deportation to a concentration camp, a boy whose father shelters a pilot, and a girl who signs up for the youth wing of the Dutch Nazi party. You can enter into the homes of these four youngsters, sit on their beds or chairs and interact with their artefacts as their story unfolds. Along the way you are asked to put yourself in their shoes and face the moral judgements from their perspective. As you approach the final stage of the exhibition, following liberation at the end of the war, you encounter 'present day' interviews of the four citizens.

Interactive exhibition

The exhibition features a great deal of audio and video which is also accessible in English. Simply request the free audio guide and activate the audio description at each part of the installation. There are 32 activation points, meaning a full exploration of the exhibition takes around 90 minutes.

For more information visit the website of the Dutch Resistance Museum.