The Rain Philosophy Rain falls in many forms. Whether it drops, drizzles, pounds or pours, people from around the world can relate to the feeling of rain. It's refreshing to the mind and energising to the senses. It nurtures ideas and feeds the soul. It cleanses the palate and wets the appetite. Rain is a concept grown out of a hunger for a better way of life: one filled with thought, care, variety, excitement and surprise. Rain offers a new experience every time. We have recreated our passion for rain into a unique drinking, dining and dancing experience. We invite you to hear, see, smell, touch and taste it for yourself. Drinking & Dining & Dancing at Rain At the Bar Area, you can sip the latest creation from a contemporary cocktail list, ask for your favourite premium spirit or enjoy the simple pleasure of a draft beer. If you are in the mood for a bite, retreat to the Comfortable Dining Area where the seating is low and cosy. The floating stairway leads to the Main Club Area on the first floor. This area also offers a bottle service later in the evening, giving you the possibility to enjoy some drinks at leisure. Private Dining at Rain Curtained off with sliding doors is the Private Dining Room. Everything in this room can be customised. There is a separate entrance for the wait staff, the possibility of a special tasting menu created by our head chef and your own choice of music. Private Parties at Rain Rain is available for private hire. The first floor is a fully functional party space and includes a separate entrance, bar, catering options and music system.