Weighing the cheese

When a trader bought cheese, the carriers would bring the cheese wheels to a warehouse, a 14th-century building called De Waag (‘weighing house’) because the cheese was weighed there. To this day, the carriers are members of one of four guilds, and their technique and competitiveness are a marvellous sight to behold. Looking at the hundreds of cheese wheels stacked on the cobblestoned square will make you think you’ve travelled back in time to a long-gone era.

Walking around town

After a walking tour with an experienced guide who will tell you more about beautiful Alkmaar and its past, you will take a trip to Schermerhorn, a village famous for its three old windmills set in the idyllic polder landscape. You will visit one of the windmills, where you can learn more about the early techniques of water engineering and water management that hark back to the Golden Age. Developing impoldering techniques for land reclamation enabled the Dutch to build a successful future, hence the saying “God created heaven and earth, but the Dutch created Holland.”