Stay on a houseboat for a view from the water

Water is one of Amsterdam's defining characteristics. An original way to enjoy Amsterdam is to stay on one of the city’s houseboats. Located in some of the city's most picturesque spots, these floating bed & breakfasts are fully equipped and conveniently located. Local hosts are pleased to welcome you into their houseboat if they offer part of their boat as Bed & Breakfast, or some choose to rent out their houseboat whilst they are away to a maximum of four guests, for up to 60 days a year. Get to know the city from a different perspective and experience something truly unique in Amsterdam.

Legal requirements

Make sure that you book your stay with a bona fide host. Don't hesitate to ask your host if he or she complies with local rules, and do take a close look at the pictures of the houseboat. Does the accommodation look like someone lives there, or like a houseboat that is rented out permanently? In that case it is probably an illegal hotel. Houseboats that are rented out to more than four people are always illegal.  

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