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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol transport

Take any stress out of the journey from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam by choosing your best travel solution and booking your tickets in advance! Explore four easy options and book your trip today.

From the airport to Amsterdam

Wherever you are travelling to in Amsterdam or in the Amsterdam region, there is a travel solution to get you there quickly and hassle free – and almost all tickets can be booked in advance. Below you can learn more about the single ticket options for bus and train journeys, as well as multi-day travel tickets.


I amsterdam City Card

Get your trip off to a smooth start. Order your City Card now online and make the best out of your trip to Amsterdam, with free entry to the city's to...

Amsterdam apps

Access a world of useful information straight from your smartphone! Whether you're planning a trip to Amsterdam or you're already here, these helpful ...


Taxis are a popular form of transport in a city where many residents don't own a car.

Getting around Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a world-class international transport hub and there are countless ways of getting into the city. Many travellers fly into the award-winni...