A piece of Dutch history - yours to own

On 30 April 2013, Amsterdam hosted the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. The city was adorned with special city dressings which artisans have now been transformed into exclusive products. This unique initiative celebrates a landmark moment in modern Dutch history and reinforces Amsterdam’s long-standing commitment towards sustainability and social good.

The collection is made up of 13 different models ranging from beach totes to credit card wallets, and toiletries holders to messenger bags. All items are hand made by the employees of the Pantar’s atelier in Amsterdam Noord under the supervision of the talented designers, Marie José Hamers (Hamers op Maat) en Anne Jongh (JONGHLABEL).

The collection is now available exclusively from the I amsterdam Store at Central Station, by the IJ passage. 

Tas Amsterdam

About Pantar

Pantar is a social enterprise providing work and guidance to approximately 3,000 citizens of Amsterdam and Diemen, and they are the largest organisation of their kind in the region. Those who work with Pantar are at a disadvantage in the labour market due to a physical, mental or psychological disability or because they are former or recovering addicts. Whatever the reason is, Pantar believes that everyone has value and can work.

Pantar has many years of experience guiding employees and helping their employers understand what kind of opportunities they have. When they work, employees stimulate themselves to further develop, especially when they get the training and education that they need.

Pantar works in, and around Amsterdam and Diemen in collaboration with many different businesses and organisations. Pantar employees maintain the landscape and vegetation in Aalsmeer, deliver the mail in IJburg and stock supermarket shelves in Zeeburg. Pantar also has their own transportation services, bicycle department and sewing atelier in Amsterdam Noord, which is where this collection is produced.


JONGHLABEL integrates innovative design and craftsmanship with practical production methods. These nostalgic methods provide the basis for new, modern design. This results in industrial hand craftsmanship – an exceptional combination of craftsmanship and modern production capabilities. JONGHLABEL is involved from the beginning with the first sketch until the final product, and they believe that the idea behind the design is just as important as its physical appearance. Jongh focuses particularly on her production methods, which are her main source of inspiration. JONGHLABEL’s products are made with the intention refining new pieces that are made with time-honoured techniques.

Hamers op Maat

Led by designer Marie-José Hamers, Hamers op Maat is an eco-conscious, sustainable bag label that was founded in Amsterdam. Items are produced as sustainably as possible, and special attention is given to material use, construction and logistics; additionally, Hamers op Maat collaborates with various socially responsible enterprises. Hamers uses recycled materials, giving them a second life and many of the materials originate from surplus stock or are recycled from discarded film banners, used plastic bags, left-over bits of leather and textiles. Hamers drew inspiration for the collection from the shipyard, and tough details like rope, grommets and elastics give the bags nautical appeal.

Purchase your own piece of Dutch history now, exclusively from the I amsterdam Store at Central Station.