Cineville card

A Cineville card is your ticket to the best in film Amsterdam has on offer. For the paltry sum of €19 a month, card holders receive unlimited access to 12 Amsterdam movie theatres with a love for quality films: EYE Filmmuseum, Rialto, Filmhuis Cavia, The Ketelhuis, Kriterion, The Melkweg Cinema, Studio/K, The Uitkijk, Cinecenter, The Movies, De Balie, Filmhuis Griffioen, De Filmhallen, De Omval and Lab 111. And outside of the city, the card also gives access to a host of cinemas in Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Haarlem, Utrecht, Maastricht. Dordrecht, Castricum, Leiden, Schiedam, Alkmaar and Zwolle.

The backstory

Card holders get free access to premier films and the many special programmes organised at participating cinemas. The founder of Cineville, Niels Büller, started out with a passion for cinema and a brilliant though simple plan to bring quality cinema back into the limelight. With a decent group of like-minded enthusiasts, it was easy to win over the cinemas. The card gained immediate popularity after its introduction.

How to purchase the card

Cineville cards can only be purchased online. After paying for the first month, you will be emailed a temporary card to use right away and your personalised card will be sent by post within 10 working days. Please note that you are obliged to subscribe to the card for a minimum of four months and that the card is not transferable to another person. You will also need (access to) a Dutch bank account in order to make the payments.

Concerto and Plato

Cineville card holders also receive 10% discount on the entire selection of CDs, DVDs and LPs at all Concerto and Plato stores in the Netherlands when they show their card.

The arthouse agenda is available at the Cineville website (Dutch), or check the individual cinemas on this site for their listings.