Parking in (and around) Amsterdam

On arrival in Amsterdam, you’ll probably notice special signs offering the latest information about available parking spaces in the city. The Integrated Dynamic Parking system (IDP) divides the influx of cars into the city and reduces the number of kilometres required to find a parking spot.

On-street parking

For on-street parking, look for the blue light box with the white letter P. Parking in these spaces typically involves payment in advance at the nearest parking meter. For an idea of how much you can expect to pay for on-street parking, Cition (Amsterdam's parking authority) offers a helpful map with hourly parking rates by neighbourhood.

Below, find an overview of Amsterdam’s major parking facilities.

Amsterdam Centre District

District of Zuid

District of Zuidoost

  • P6 Uitgaansdriehoek – De Corridor 15, 1101 BC
  • Q-Park Amsterdamse Poort – Bijlmperplein 700, 1102 DZ
  • P1 ArenA – Burgemeester Stramanweg 130, 1101 EP
  • Parkeerterrein P2 – Borchlandweg 6, 1099 CT
  • Dome garage – Passage 88, 1101 AX

District of West

District of Oost

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