Parking in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is easy to navigate by car, but to make the most of your trip, there are some factors to keep in mind – especially when it comes to parking. Because of the compact layout of the city and the limited number of (affordable) parking spaces, Park+Ride locations on the edge of the city are a great option.

Digital parking

The digital parking system in Amsterdam means that you need to enter your registration plate details into the parking meter when you pay for (on-street) parking. You don’t need to display a parking receipt in your car, but you can still print a copy for your own administration. Your number plate now serves as your 'receipt', and Cition (the local parking authority) can simply scan it to see if you have paid. Please note that Amsterdam's parking meters do not accept cash or coins. Payment can only be made using a Dutch bank card or any major (international) credit card.

Read on for more information about where to park in Amsterdam and parking violations.