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Plan your trip to Amsterdam

Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Below you’ll find all the resources you need to get started – from accommodation and excursions to renting a car or using public transport.

Plan your trip to Amsterdam

Where to stay

Amsterdam is overflowing with accommodation choices for every type of trip. Whether you’re visiting for a romantic weekend, a business trip or a fun h...

Getting around Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a world-class international transport hub and there are countless ways of getting into the city. Many travellers fly into the award-winni...

Practical info

Here’s a selection of useful information to make your trip to Amsterdam as easy and enjoyable as possible. From public holidays to phoning home, brows...

I amsterdam Visitor Centres

Make the most of your time in Amsterdam by planning your trip with help from the experts! Whether you’re searching for the best accommodation, excitin...


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Group travel

You can rely on Amsterdam Marketing to assist you in planning your next trip to Amsterdam. They are your knowledgeable resource for group travel arran...