Top 10 pub restaurants

Sitting down for a cold beer and a meal at an eetcafe is one of the Dutch’s favourite pastimes. In Amsterdam, pubs are everywhere — you can’t turn down a single street without passing by one of the dimly-lit, crowded eetcafes that the locals and tourists love. Test out what’s on tap at one of these top 10 pubs in Amsterdam.

1. Viscafé De Gouden Hoek  Book now

2. Bistro bij Ons   Book now

3. Cafe Zouk   Book now

4. De Vergulde Gaper   Book now

5. GOOS Eten & drinken   Book now

6. De Toog          Book now

7. Cafe Proust   Book now

8. Venster 33   Book now

9. Radion   Book now

10. Wildschut   Book now

1. Viscafé De Gouden Hoek

Van Limburg Stirumstraat 10A, Westerpark

viscafe gouden hoek amsterdam

Soak in the sea air at Viscafé De Gouden Hoek, where the fish is fresh and the drinks are cool. Located a few steps from Westerpark, Viscafé is a newer pub in the area, specialising in fish dishes based on what’s been caught that day. Sip on an aperitif before chowing down on a feast of oysters to get the appetite going. There are Dutch specialties on the menu — kibbeling, for example — but dishes inspired by other seafaring nations are also worth a taste. Fish and chips (three styles, with different breading and dipping sauce) are a perfect companion to a cold beer from a local Dutch brewery.   

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2. Bistro Bij Ons

Prinsengracht 287, Jordaan

Bistro bij ons Amsterdam

Get a taste of real Amsterdam hospitality at Bistro Bij Ons, and sample some Dutch cuisine while you’re there. The menu is filled with typical Dutch dishes like stamppot (mashed potatoes, vegetables and meat) and suddervlees (beef stew), which can be washed down with the bistro’s own line of liqueur. The liqueurs are named after real places and slang used in Amsterdam and in the Jordaan neighbourhood, so you can learn a little while you drink! The meals are filling, and the portions are big — meaning that you can sit back and relax on the terrace and enjoy a couple beers until the kitchen closes.   

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3. Cafe Zouk

1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 45, Oud-West

Cafe Zouk Amsterdam

There is nothing like sitting on a sunny terrace with friends and family, enjoying good food and beer together. At Zouk, you can do just that. The pub, which has called Amsterdam home for 10 years, serves up lunch, dinner and small plates (they’re too filling to be called just “snacks”!) until 01:00. On Friday and Saturday, feel free to stay as late as 03:00! Head to Café Zouk on game day with a group of friends — the pub boasts two screens that broadcast all Ajax matches. Share a Mediterranean plate, featuring pumpkin hummus and red pepper pesto, or go all out and get the Zouk Burger.   

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4. De Vergulde Gaper

Prinsenstraat 30, Jordaan

De Vergulde Gaper Amsterdam

Dark walls, warm lighting, wooden tables — it’s a Dutch “brown café” at its finest. This pub is place to relax not just for a few minutes but a few hours with its wall of liquor, beer on tap and a menu of snacks and, for the hungrier, full meals. Take a seat at the bar and chat with the always-busy bartender as you view the larger-than-expected menu: there are snacks as small as olives and as large as a plate of nachos, as well as sirloin steaks and burgers. Feel free to hang out with friends all day and all night at De Vergulde Gaper.   

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5. GOOS Eten & Drinken

Maasstraat 74, Zuid

GOOS Amsterdam

GOOS is a place for family and friends — and furry companions, too! Named one of the dog-friendliest cafes in Amsterdam, GOOS welcomes dogs inside the pub for a cool drink of water while owners enjoy the atmosphere. But there’s more for guests to enjoy, with lunch, dinner and snack menus that feature locally-sourced ingredients. Meats and cheese are procured from a local butcher and cheesemonger, while the fish is fresh from Vis op Zuid, located just down the street from the restaurant. It’s not a pub without some beer, of course — and the lengthy, detailed beer menu doesn’t disappoint. Taste beer from Amsterdam breweries like Two Chefs Brewing and Brouwerij 't IJ.   

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6. De Toog

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 142, Oud-West

De Toog Amsterdam

Take a seat at one of the picnic tables lining the terrace for a meal and a drink or two (or three or four) at De Toog, located a few steps from the Vondelpark. It’s cosy inside this small pub, and it’s not just a place to eat and drink. The literary-minded will find De Toog to be a comfortable, welcoming place to read and write, with a bookshelf to enjoy with fellow enthusiasts. But you don’t have to be reading to be at De Toog, as the menu alone will occupy any patron. Sandwiches and snacks —nachos, bread, and pizza — are served alongside a selection of cocktails in the afternoon. In the evening, try one of the specials on the board.   

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7. Cafe Proust

Noordermarkt 4,Jordaan

Cafe Proust Amsterdam

Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, Café Proust can be enjoyed all day long. The sunny terrace overlooking the busy canal is the perfect place to people-watch while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and a croissant in the morning or a fish curry in the evening. A rustic interior decked out in brick and wood characterise this typical Dutch pub, and it has the food to match: steaks, sandwiches, soups and salads are all on the menu. Burger lovers should make sure to visit Café Proust on Tuesday, called “Burger Night,” for the chef’s burger and a special beer for just €10.   

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8. Venster 33

Eerste van der Helststraat 42, De Pijp

Venster33 Amsterdam

Everything that can be local is local at Venster 33. With coffee delivered from Amsterdam’s own Bocca Coffee and liquor from Wynand Fockink distillery, Venster 33 allows patrons to experience the city like a local. Even the tables guests sit around were specially made with wood from a tree on the Tweede van der Helststraat! The dinner menu features a selection of small plates meant to be shared with a group, but you can also opt for the changing weekly menu. For €25, you’ll receive a tasting menu of three small meals. For drinks, try one of the local beers or ask the bartender for a “Svenster 33” — a gin and tonic with surprise ingredients.   

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9. Radion

Louwesweg 1, Nieuw-West

Radion Amsterdam

Radion, located in the former building of the Faculty of Dentistry of VU University Amsterdam, is more than a simple Dutch pub. Beyond the restaurant, Radion is a club and concert hall, cinema and cultural centre that aims to bring locals and tourists together to have fun and share creativity — but it’s still down-to-earth enough to make real connections with others. On the menu, guests will find pizza, salads, steak and the special Radion burger, straight from the charcoal grill. There’s always something to do or see, so check out the calendar to see what’s happening — and plan on spending a couple extra hours at Radion.   

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10. Wildschut

Roelof Hartplein 1-3, Zuid

Wildschut Amsterdam

With uncharacteristically large seating areas inside and outside this classic pub, Wildschut is always buzzing with people. The recently renovated interior features comfortable cushioned seats — no more aching backsides from hours sitting in a wooden chair — right next to large windows for the perfect view. The bar serves up classic Dutch dishes and some modern creations, such as croquettes or the pumpkin-ricotta-truffle ravioli. There is certainly no shortage of beverages at Wildschut, with a beer, wine and liquor menu that’s more extensive than the food! And not all of it is listed — ask for the “Flavour Selection” cocktail menu for even more.

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