Top 10 European restaurants in Amsterdam

While Amsterdam’s restaurants allow visitors to taste the humble cuisine of the Netherlands, the city also has its fair share of European restaurants that bring out the best of the cuisines of France, Italy, Germany and other countries near and far. Whether you’re craving an authentic Italian pizza or schnitzel straight from Germany, all cuisines are represented in these top European restaurants in Amsterdam.

1. Blauw aan de Waal  Book now

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3. Ron Gastrobar   Book now

4. Reuring   Book now

5. ’t Markerhuisje                   Book now

6. Wurst & Schnitzelhaus   Book now

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1. Blauw aan de Wal

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 99, city centre

Blauw aan de Wal Amsterdam

Set among the red lights of De Wallen is an unassuming, surprising spot of culinary creation. The menu at this French and Dutch-inspired restaurant changes with the seasons, so patrons are always treated to fresh meat and produce. The chefs at Blauw aan de Wal give all their attention to the ingredients in their purest form, allowing the true flavours to shine through. Opt for a three- or four-course menu (complemented, of course, by a carefully selected wine list) that features ingredients such as oysters, fresh peas, Iberian ham or summer chanterelles. Vegetarian guests can request their own specially-made meals — everyone is welcome at Blauw aan de Wal.   

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2. Braque

Albert Cuypstraat 29-31, De Pijp

Braque Amsterdam

European flavours come together at Braque, where the menu can start in Italy and finish in France with a stop in the Netherlands in between. Try out the Spanish gazpacho or the French classic escargot; for your main meal, the weekly changing meat dish can be a special European surprise. Just a ten-minute walk from the Royal Concertgebouw, Braque is a prime location for a meal before a show — and it caters specially to this crowd. The Concertgebouw three-course menu is only available for order for one hour starting at 18:00 on the dot, allowing you to enjoy your meal without worrying about a rush.   

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3. Ron Gastrobar

Sophialaan 55 hs, Oud-Zuid

Ron Gastrobar Amsterdam

Michelin stars point out the best of the best in fine dining, and Ron Gastrobar has one of them for good reason. After closing his former (also Michelin starred) restaurant in 2013, Gastrobar chef Rob Blaauw wanted to completely change the concept of the way he served food. Instead of a seven-course meal with all the fancy extras and a price tag to match, he would offer all dishes for €15 flat — the more elaborate dishes are subject to supplemental charges, but it’s still affordable. Taste the cuisine from all over Europe, with ingredients such as the Italian soft cheese burrata and the Dutch national specialty of white asparagus and eggs.   

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4. Reuring

Lutmastraat 99, De Pijp

Reuring Amsterdam

When you go to Reuring, you’re going not just for the food but for the atmosphere. In a busy spot of Amsterdam is this high-quality but unpretentious restaurant that serves dishes influenced by the unique cuisines of Europe. The chef’s menu, offered in three or four courses, changes every month with new ingredients and flavours. A few favourites, however, stay put on the menu: steak tartare, beef and a cheese plate. Add the complementary wine to your meal for a full culinary experience. Guests aren’t stuck with what’s been set, though — you can taste any wine on the menu with expert advice from the staff at Reuring.   

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5. ’t Markerhuisje

Tweede Wittenburgerdwarsstraat 133, Oostelijke Eilanden

Markerhuisje Amsterdam

Don’t let the size of ’t Markerhuisje fool you — its smallness does not show off the big flavours hiding inside. The restaurant sits inside the former Broerse family home, which was built in the 19th century, on Wittenburg island overlooking the water; the restaurant still features the charming characteristics of the old home with its brick exterior and traditional red and white window shutters. It’s a place to step back in time and enjoy the views — and the weekly changing three-course menu, of course. Vegetarian options are available upon request, and guests are free to come by boat, which they can dock right at the restaurant!   

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6. Wurst & Schnitzelhaus

Prinsengracht 474 hs, canal ring

Wurst Schnitzelhaus Amsterdam

Better known as WuSH, this German restaurant is one of the first of its kind in Amsterdam. Serving German classics such as schnitzel and bratwurst, WuSH is where you go when you’re craving hearty, filling food in Germany-sized portions. There is even a menu “for the big appetite” that serves a mix of sausages, sausage and schnitzel and even grilled pork knuckle — though be sure to order the pork knuckle a day ahead of time! The schnitzel is generally pork, but chicken and vegetarian options are also available, whether it’s for the Holzfällerschnitzel (mushrooms, onions and a cream sauce) or just on its own. If the WuSH on the Prinsengracht is booked, just travel to its second location at Central Station.   

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7. Taproom

Nieuwe Vijzelstraat 1, city centre

Taproom Amsterdam

The name says it all: Taproom has a lot of beers on tap. It’s got over 20 different free-flowing beers, ranging from the local Two Chefs Brewery in Amsterdam to the American Flying Dog Brewery. You can’t fill up on beer alone, so Taproom’s got a menu to soak it all up. European dishes make up the menu — buratta is served with caponata, a Sicilian aubergine dish, and chorizo croquettes bring spiciness to the typical fried snack. Even the burgers are created with Europe in mind. The “Burger au Fromage” features blue cheese and bacon, while the “Classic Burger” features the unique Basque ketchup.   

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8. Café Kiebert

Marathonweg 2, Zuid

Cafe Kiebert Amsterdam

Café Kiebert has a lot of history in its walls and its food. The location on which the café now sits was once a bakery owned by the Kiebêrt family — and the family atmosphere has endured for generations. The menu, which changes according to the availability of ingredients, the season and the whims of the chefs, features dishes that are sized especially for sharing. It’s a sign of the family atmosphere that Café Kiebert has aimed to hold onto. Café Kiebert has committed to healthy and locally-sourced ingredients; the restaurant board will not only tell you what’s on the menu, but where all the ingredients came from.   

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9. Plancius

Plantage Kerklaan 61, De Plantage

Plancius Amsterdam

Spend the whole day at Plancius — sit down for breakfast, do a little work with a light lunch and then meet with friends for dinner and drinks in the evening. Whatever time you choose to visit Plancius in the Plantage neighbourhood, you’ll be met with delicious food and a warm atmosphere. French, Dutch, Italian and other European cuisines merge on the Plancius menu, which can be ordered à la carte or in a three-course menu. At the end of the evening, sample a selection of coffee from the country you like the most — Italy, France, Ireland or Spain — with a dessert to match.   

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10. Café Proust

Noordermarkt 4, Jordaan

Cafe Proust Amsterdam

Linger as long as you like at Café Proust. That’s the point of the place! Guests can sit down to enjoy their meals without worrying about rushing off to clear the table for the next guest — the staff are always happy to serve patrons drink after drink from the bar as long as they are willing to stay. Start with an Italian bruschetta before “travelling” to another country — France, perhaps, with the classic ratatouille, or England for the famed fish and chips. Café Proust will even take you beyond Europe with its Thai fish curry, filled with flavours not found on the continent. 

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