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Flowers of Amsterdam

The Flower Strip or 'Bollenstreek' is one of the most popular and unique sights in the Netherlands. Every spring the entire region bursts into vivid colour as bulbs shoot and millions of flowers blossom.

Visit the Flower Strip in Holland

The Netherlands produces a staggering 70 per cent of the world’s commercial flower output. For a colourful glimpse into this contemporary Dutch flower power, you need go no further than the so-called ‘Flower Strip’, just an hour from Amsterdam. With Holland’s famous bulb fields in full bloom, you’ll be surrounded on all sides by a rainbow of flowers: purple hyacinths, pink crocuses, countless varieties of tulips and bright yellow daffodils. Don’t miss one of the world’s most photogenic attractions, the Keukenhof flower gardens, which opens for just eight short weeks each year. Or find out how the Dutch flower trade engendered a unique economic system at the FloraHolland auction, housed in the world’s biggest trading building and open all year round. Put things into perspective with a trip to the Black Tulip Museum or the Historical Garden at Aalsmeer, and you’ll see that tulip mania never really ended here...

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Visiting the Flower Strip

The Flower Strip is one of the most popular and unique attractions in the Netherlands. Find out how to get there and the best time of year to visit.

Keukenhof Gardens

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