Visitors will not only find spears, shields, masks and sculptures on display. They'll also find textiles from Southeast Asia, jewellery from Oceania, traditional currencies and unique miniatures from the Inuit people. The objects are often for everyday use, or relate to fertility, initiation or transition rituals. Visitors to the Tribal Art Fair can expect to be amazed by intriguing objects, which the exhibitors will be more than happy to explain.


Organiser Finette Lemaire from Galerie Lemaire is proud of the fact that the fair is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. "For lots of international collectors and dealers, the fair has become a permanent fixture on their calendars", she explains. Long before the private opening, a big queue of guests forms outside. Everyone wants to be the first through the doors so they can get their hands on the best treasures. According to Lemaire, what makes this fair special is that at least half of the visitors buy something. Lemaire: "The Tribal Art Fair is an event not to be missed by collectors, enthusiasts and anyone with an interest in ethnographic objects."


During the fair, there will be a programme of readings, films and guided tours.