Amsterdam clubbing

Like everywhere in the world, the clubbing scene is often transient, with new clubs here today and gone tomorrow. Escape, however, is a veritable evergreen of Amsterdam’s nightlife. Always teeming with pretty young things, the club offers a musical menu covering all popular styles of dance music: house, electro, techno and pop. Amsterdam's finest hit the decks at the club alongside world-famous DJs including Tiësto, David Guetta, Paul van Dyk, Kevin Saunderson and Todd Terry.

Dance music and more

Rembrandtplein is one of Amsterdam’s most popular areas for going out, and Escape is its centre with revellers flocking to the club for dancing through the night. Alongside the club, Escape also features the DeLux bar, the Caffe, the Studio and the Lounge, a smaller venue blending intimacy with sophistication.