Architectural innovation in Amsterdam

3D printing technology is evolving at a tremendous rate and every few weeks there are new concepts and innovations announced. In Amsterdam, one of the primary focal points has been the creation of sustainable housing, driving this project in Amsterdam-Noord to ‘print’ a life-size canal house and all the materials inside it. The 3D Print Canal House is a three-year research project in which an international team of partners collaborates on researching the different possibilities for 3D printing buildings. The result is this exhibition, research area and building site.

Visitors' feedback

Visitors can see the entire building chain for themselves – from design and material, to production and construction, installation and design software. The audience’s feedback generates input for research and market explorations: a live user test and feedback loop that intensifies and accelerates the research process on design, science, culture, building, software, communities and the city.

Open upon request

The 3D Print Canal House is open upon request by making an appointment. Contact [email protected] for options or check out the website. Private tours and talks can be arranged.