Useful resources

  • Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency - Information on business law, taxation, establishing a facility (available in English).
  • Chamber of Commerce (KvK) - Provides information on having your own business and offers workshops on various aspects or procedures related to this (information and brochures are available in English, although most events and workshops are in Dutch).
  • Belastingdienst - Tax office. Website offers tax-related information including payroll, VAT refunds, and describes the Dutch income tax system in detail.

Representing the interests of entrepreneurs

With all the steps completed, business owners may wish to join the Dutch Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MKB-Nederland). The site is only in Dutch. MKB-Nederland represents the interests of entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses and they consult with the government, politicians, the unions, knowledge institutes and other organisations that have an influence on the development and maintenance of the business environment. There are also a number of organisations representing the large base of active freelancers, for example, ZZP Nederland (in Dutch).

Starting Your Own Business (brochure)

The Chamber of Commerce also publishes an in-depth brochure in English about starting a new business in the Netherlands. This provides comprehensive and clear advice about the options and procedures that must be followed. You can download a digital PDF of the brochure.


Information on setting up your business in the Netherlands