This section contains CVs and profiles of the Alderpersons of the Amsterdam City Council as well as information on which portfolios they are responsible for.

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Alderperson Kajsa Ollongren

Alderperson Kajsa Ollongren's portfolio includes Economic Affairs, Art and Culture, Ports, Airport, Local Media, Participation, Monuments, Business, C...

Alderperson Laurens Ivens

Alderperson Laurens Ivens is responsible for Building and Housing Planning, Community Development, Animal Welfare, District of Noord.

Alderperson Abdeluheb Choho

Alderperson Abdeluheb Choho is responsible for Public and Green Spaces, Climate, Energy, Air Quality, Services, ICT, Administrative System.

City Clerk Arjan van Gils

Arjan van Gils is the City Clerk of Amsterdam. He is the primary advisor to the College of Mayor and Alderpersons and is ultimately responsible for se...

Alderperson Arjan Vliegenthart

Alderperson Arjan Vliegenthart is responsible for Work, Income, Participation and the District of Nieuw-West.

Alderperson Eric van der Burg

Alderperson Eric van der Burg is responsible for Health and Welfare, Sports and Recreation, Spatial Planning, Land Management, District of Zuid.

Alderperson Simone Kukenheim

Alderperson Simone Kukenheim is responsible for Education, Youth, Diversity, Integration, District of Oost.

Alderperson Pieter Litjens

Alderperson Pieter Litjens is responsible for Traffic and Transport, Metro, Municipal Property, Operational Management, Personnel and Organisation, Pu...

Alderperson Udo Kock

Alderperson Udo Kock is responsible for Finance, Decentralisations, Water Management and the District of West.