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DutchNews.nl has published many articles over the years, but some of its most popular stories are on topics you might not expect. "We have been surprised by the broad range of news stories which have made the top 10 of most-read items," recalls editor Robin Pascoe.

"Classic Dutch subjects, such as cannabis and euthanasia, are included of course, but so are Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb’s outspoken views on ISIS and sexual abuse within the Catholic church."

DutchNews.nl was founded to provide Dutch news in English for the country’s ever-growing number of expats, but the site’s eclectic coverage rapidly expanded it into a key Netherlands-based news source. The site is now read by over 30,000 people a day in its various formats.

"We see our job not only to inform but to explain current events in the Netherlands, so we try to include background where relevant," says Robin. "We hope we can help our readers discuss Sven Kramer’s performance in the 10k speed skating with their Dutch colleagues or debate changes to the retirement age over the office lunch."

Top 10 DutchNews.nl news stories

  1. More prisons to close as falling crime leaves cells empty
  2. Amsterdam will not ban tourists from cannabis cafes
  3. Dutch to scrap ban on insulting foreign heads of state
  4. Catholic church abuse: at least one youth castrated for ‘homosexuality’
  5. Time is right to wipe out Isis, says Rotterdam’s Muslim mayor
  6. Doctors back euthanasia in severe dementia cases
  7. Ukraine air disaster leaves 295 dead, 154 are Dutch nationals
  8. Green light for driving instructors who accept sex for lessons
  9. More Dutch cities may join basic income experiment
  10. The moment a giraffe says goodbye to a dying zoo worker

Top 10 DutchNews.nl features

  1. Following in Van Gogh’s footsteps, 10 places where he lived
  2. Suitcase full of secrets found in Amsterdam’s Jewish quarter
  3. Bright sparks: 10 Dutch ideas we wish we had thought of first
  4. 10 things you should know about Dutch windmills
  5. 10 things you need to know about the end of World War II in the Netherlands
  6. Get off the beaten track. Here are 14 of the prettiest Dutch villages
  7. It’s nearly spring, and Amsterdam is ready to celebrate with 500,000 tulips
  8. Find out if you are a witch: eight weird things to do in the Netherlands
  9. Laura Dekker: stubborn,self-absorbed and a devil of a sailor
  10. 10 things you need to know about Easter in the Netherlands