Expert advice for all family needs

At its core, the Parent and Child Centre covers obstetrics, maternity care, child healthcare and education. International parents with younger children (or children born in the Netherlands) will probably already be familiar with the centres, which is where kids typically receive their regular check ups, are weighed and measured and where they receive their vaccinations. However, the services provided in these centres have been expanded.

Parent and child services

Examples of specialist advice and services include: dietary advice, parenting courses and workshops dealing with topics such as bullying. The Parent and Child Centre also works with speech therapists, physiotherapists and dietitians, plus some of the centres house a ‘games library’ where families can play or borrow games. Notably, the centres cater for children of all ages, thus the services provided are not simply aimed at pre-school kids. Many of the provisions for those aged four and over are provided in collaboration with local schools.

Visiting a centre

Each Amsterdam city district is home to one or more Parent and Child Centre – there are more than 20 throughout the city. It is worth remembering that some services require appointments, while others are covered during drop-in clinics. To find your nearest location, visit this dedicated Parent and Child Centre page (in Dutch) and choose your city district from the menu on the left-hand side. Handy contacts and phone numbers for the city centre include:

  • OKC Lindengracht
    Lindengracht 204
    1015 KL Amsterdam
    020-555 5961 
    Mon-Fri 08:30-17:00
  • OKC Kraijenhoff
    Kraijenhoffstraat 32
    1018 RL Amsterdam
    020-555 5961
    Mon-Fri: 08:30-17:00