Broaden your horizons in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has plenty of opportunities to offer for those that would like to learn something, broaden their horizons or get creative. We’ve delved into the world of workshops and courses and come up with some top-fives to give you a taste of what’s out there. Don’t speak the local lingo? No problem, all these workshops are held in English.

Creative top 5

  • easylaughs run weekend and weekday evening improvisation comedy classes. Are you the new improv stage sensation?

  • Learn to paint! From his atelier workshop in the shadow of Amsterdam’s Westerkerk, professional painter Hans Verwoerd (website in Dutch) started instructing an international group of aspiring artists back in 1995 and is still going strong today. All levels welcome. Or you could enrol at the Volkuniversiteit Amsterdam – they also hold painting classes with English instruction. Additionally, check out the art courses available at the Vondelpark Atelier.

  • The English Bookshop offer writing workshops where you can share your scribblings, meet other aspiring authors and get involved in Amsterdam’s writing community.

  • Crazy about ceramics? Then a pottery course at Amsterdam Ceramics Centre or Ceramics Studio is for you.

  • Get snappy with a photography workshop under the expert guidance of professional photographer Megan Alter.

Business top 5

  • Speech, Speech! Toastmasters International run courses to help you brush up on your public speaking and leadership skills.

  • The JCI Amsterdam International are dedicated to uniting ambitious young professionals aged between 25 and 40 up for some serious networking.

  • Pure Amsterdam take a new twist on business relations with their flirt workshop, designed to demonstrate how the noble art of flirting can be used in the go-getting corporate world.

  • ACCESS Netherlands run various coaching courses and workshops that can help you set goals and motivate you to move up a rung or two on the career ladder.

  • The rush and bustle of corporate life getting you down? Come to yourself with a Tai Chi workshop.

Food and drink top 5

  • The acclaimed Wijninstituut gives English language wine courses introducing wine-lovers to the magical world of grape appreciation. Five evening courses spread over three months cover all the basics. Alternatively, Singel wine shop The Library hosts regular English language wine tasting classes in a relaxed and informal setting. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming events.  

  • The Wynand Fockink distillery in the heart of Amsterdam has been producing Dutch spirits for over 300 years. Book a tasting and learn the ins and outs of the craft – and of course, sample what’s on offer!

  • De Kookfabriek (website in Dutch) guarantee to have you cooking like a Michelin-starred chef in no time!

  • Peter Pan cookery studio offers cookery workshops at their location in Amsterdam Noord, where guests are invited to pick their own fresh herbs from the garden to use in their culinary creations. 

  • More to Italian cooking than throwing a frozen pizza in the oven? Of course! A workshop at Pinsa's Italian cooking school will show you how.

Practical top 5

  • ACCESS Netherlands run a number of courses to help expecting parents prepare for what’s in store.

  • Learning some basics of Dutch can stand you in good stead in all aspects of life in the Netherlands. Check out our list of language courses in Amsterdam.

  • Alongside creative outings, the ABC Treehouse also offer a bevy of practical workshops, courses and advice sessions, even including voter registration assistance for US citizens living in the city.

  • What to do if...? The Amsterdam Red Cross run handy first aid courses in English to prepare you for medical misfortune (website in Dutch).

  • Buying a house can be a daunting at the best of times. Regularly held Expat housing seminars will guide you through the minefield so you can take the mortgage leap in confidence.