Friendly local

Since opening in 1998, the ABC Treehouse has gone on to establish itself a major point of artistic and literary exchange for the city’s Dutch and multicultural communities.

It was originally a project of American Book Centre, the largest independent English-language bookstore in the city, and today remains its cultural arm. Both venues are within walking distance of each other in and around the Spui.

Workshops, readings & classes

Run entirely by volunteers, The ABC Treehouse offers a comprehensive range of activities from writing workshops, book readings, and open mic nights to meditation classes and yoga afternoons for mother and baby. Quiet and easily accessible, it is also an ideal venue for meetings, exhibitions and events (exclusive of parties and music events). Rental fees are very low.


The gallery has been a hive of artistic expression since it started out in 2001 – exhibits vary from group displays to solo work. Rather than promoting particular names, the gallery is a platform for amateur artists to prepare, curate and set up their own exhibitions.

More information

Visit the English-language website of the ABC Treehouse.

Location: ABC Treehouse Voetboogstraat 11 1012 XK Amsterdam Tel: 020-423 0967 Email: [email protected]

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