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Amsterdam's appeal lies in its rich cultural heritage, diverse and creative culture, commercial dynamism and high quality of life. Ultimately, the cit...

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30% tax ruling

The 30% reimbursement ruling (better known as the 30% ruling) is a tax advantage for highly skilled migrants moving to the Netherlands for a specific ...

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News for locals

  • Five Amsterdam schools rated 'excellent'

    The Dutch Education Office has rated five schools in Amsterdam ‘excellent’. A school rated ‘excellent’ is rewarded for high quality of education and usually stands out due to special achievements in a particular area.

  • New subsidy schemes for electric cars and charging points

    The subsidy schemes for electric vehicles and charging stations have expired as of 1 January 2016, while the City of Amsterdam prepares and implements new subsidy schemes that will come into effect early 2016. Subsidy applications submitted after 31 December 2015 will not be processed.

  • Could life in Amsterdam be better?

    Are you an international resident working, studying or running your own company in Amsterdam? Have you run into any practical problems or encountered situations where you felt disadvantaged or unfairly treated as an expatriate? Then get in touch!

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