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Living in Amsterdam

I amsterdam's Local portal is your English-language hub for learning about life in the city, whether you're moving to Amsterdam, newly arrived or an established citizen. Here you can look up official information for expats about permits, registration, visas, the 30% tax ruling and news from the City of Amsterdam and Expatcenter. It's also a great place to learn more about working in Amsterdam, explore study opportunities, find out about housing and healthcare, or to explore the cultural offerings in the city. All in all, it's a place to help you make the most of living in Amsterdam.

Essentials for living in Amsterdam

Official matters

Discover all of the essential practical information you’ll need in Amsterdam: registering, permits, visas and more.

Work in Amsterdam

Find out about work and employment opportunities in Amsterdam: job searches, recruitment, starting a business and more.

Study in Amsterdam

Find out why Amsterdam is a great city to be a student. With world-class universities, a laid-back lifestyle and endless opportunities for graduates, ...

Relocating to Amsterdam

Get set for a new start in Amsterdam: read on for relocation tips and find out about employment, housing, international schools and more.

Enjoy Amsterdam

Make the most of living in Amsterdam: international groups & clubs, workshops, family fun, eating & drinking and much more. If you're a culture lover,...

About Amsterdam

Amsterdam's appeal lies in its rich cultural heritage, diverse and creative culture, commercial dynamism and high quality of life. Ultimately, the cit...

30% tax ruling

The 30% reimbursement ruling (better known as the 30% ruling) is a tax advantage for highly skilled migrants moving to the Netherlands for a specific ...

Amsterdam helpline: 14 020

English-speaking Amsterdammers have a handy number to call with their questions related to civic issues, as the 14 020 service, the City of Amsterdam'...

Amsterdam announcements

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Get help from the Expatcenter Amsterdam


The Expatcenter provides a one-stop-shop service for international talent: companies and their highly skilled migrant employees, scientific researcher...

Brexit Information Point

Following the United Kingdom's referendum on membership of the European Union, held in June 2016, the so-called Brexit decision has raised fresh quest...

Expatcenter partners

The Expatcenter's Partnership Programme connects internationals in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area to service providers operating in the expat market....

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Read the latest A-mag

A-mag is Amsterdam’s city magazine. Created especially for international visitors and residents, it's packed full of insider tips for what to do and w...

News for locals

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